Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hijab Tutorials on Youtube-Pixie's Picks

My favourite how-to-wear hijab & niqab styles. Basically, my needs are A. chest coverage, i.e if the scarf or niqab doesn't cover the boobs I don't care how loose your jilbab is ect, it isn't the khimar of the Qu'ran, B. covers all of my hair, C. I need a few easy options, and D. I need a few glam styles to mix it up once and a while. E. Niqab styles need to be easy to eat and drink under.

My fave hijab wrapping techniques (I always adapt to cover the chest, even if I have to wear 2 shaylas ect) 1.) Simple no pins required hijab style (pashmina length, non-see through scarf required) by Pixie & Boxie

  1. Saudi shayla style (end flipped up over brow) can be worn with or without niqab) by Pixie & Boxie
  2. 3.) Loose Wrap style hijab by Pixie & Boxie

4.) Simple shayla wrap for beginners by Amenakin

5.) Beautiful folds (I usually use 2 black shaylas for this look, one underneath for cheat coverage and then this style on top) by Amenakin

6.) Summer style without underscarf 7.) Khaleeji drape (please, please, don't wear the flower pouf clips, I personally believe they are haram) by vocalisephantom

8.) Sqaure hijab by the Britishhijabi

These are niqab styles for a very long shayla (oblong/rectangular hijab). I have a scarf that is 2 meters x 60 inches roughly (I know, bad math). I also need two hijab pins (the plastic covered saftey pins) and one stick pin. I sometimes wear a hijab cap underneath as well, to hide my eyebrows but cover more easily. 1.) Wrapping the shayla so that it is like a shayla overtop the niqab and pinned at the sides with hijab pins by thankyoudarling: 2.) Wrapping the niqab by tying the shayla behind the head first, style by thankyoudarling
3.) How I personally tie my shayla as niqab if I wear a shayla as niqab (usually I don't, I wear flip and headband style niqabs) by Naheed
4.) Niqab style with rolled crown on head by Naheed
5.) Bridal Niqab style by Naheed

6.) End flipped on top niqab by Thankyoudarling

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